About Us

Who we are:

Jarvis + Jarvis home was borne out of a family's lifelong love and passion for interiors. Our mission is building a business that we feel proud of every day and to do this we are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, beautiful and original homewares with personalised customer service.

We live and breathe design, for some people it is all about how their home looks, but for us, it is about how your home feels. We believe your home is a narrative of your life, your experiences, challenges, joys, journeys and lessons. It tells your unique and very personal story.

We love sourcing products and art, both locally and abroad. What drives us is supporting local artists and craftspeople wherever they live and showcasing their talents to all of Australia. We are naturally drawn to items with an African flavour, as this was our home for many years, and is truly part of our souls. There is nothing more beautiful, tactile and interesting than something lovingly crafted by hand, using skills passed down from generation to generation.

Coming from varied industries, we always had a vision for collaborating on a business that encompassed our passion. We truly believe that your home is your sanctuary and that there is nothing more comforting than coming home to a beautiful, personalised space that makes your heart feel whole.

Torquay Store:

Located at the start of the beautiful Great Ocean Road, surrounded by picturesque beaches and the iconic Bells Beach, our Torquay store is not to be missed. Full of unique and interesting hand picked items, it is a must see for all road-trippers, holiday makers and locals alike. 

Our store is located at Shop 2, No. 3 Cliff Street, Torquay, VIC 3228 (Corner Zeally Bay Road).


Please contact us here to ask any questions that you may have.