Mollusc Vase Large Monochrome

Mollusc Vase Large Monochrome

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Mollusc Vase Large Monochrome
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These asymmetrical ceramic vases are handcrafted, and internally glazed to make a very distinctive sculptural centrepiece. Perfect for cut flowers or cuttngs. Stunning in a trio or a standout on its own. The hand etched surface is in chalk white with a natural stone textured finish. 

Invoking the swell of the ocean, crustaceans, and marine dwellers; organic and ethereal, these vases become the focal point of any room.

LARGE: 9.8cm D x 27.9cm W x 24.0cm H (approx.)

MEDIUM: 9cm D x 18cm W x 15.2cm H (approx.)

SMALL: 6cm D x 12cm W x 10.2cm H (approx.)


SKU 10-611W
Brand Living Green