Travelling Horses

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Travelling Horses
90 x 60cm with Timber Shadow Box Frame
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Travelling Horses
120 x 90cm with Timber Shadow Box Frame
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Travelling Horses
100 x 75cm with Timber Shadow Box
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Travelling Horses

We are proud to present Gigja Einarsdottir Icelandic Photographer. Gígja was born and raised with Icelandic horses. Her beautiful images capture the strength, grace, and gentle nature of the animals. They also benefit from her love and understanding of the horses themselves. “I love to work with them and watch them….they have an unbelievable network of communication and energy I can’t explain with words,” she says. What makes Gigja's images so beautiful and exceptional is that she manages to not only capture the horse's beauty but also their character.

Canvas Print with a Shadow Box Frame


90cm x 60cm

100cm x 75cm

120cm x 90cm

Also available in black or white shadow box frames,  please contact us to place an order.

Please note that there is a four to six week waiting time for this artwork.




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